Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Belski criticizes JCPS

John Belski, the meteorologist for WAVE-3 in Louisville criticized JCPS for making a very bad decision with yesterday morning's black ice.
Based on what I had heard from JCPS I stated it was a "bad forecast". At that time I did not know who JCPS had talked to. Well it turned out they talked to the NWS. Now I never want to criticize our NWS because if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I always say this is one of the top NWS offices in the country.

JCPS called the NWS in the middle of the night. The NWS advised them that some snow was moving in and that temperatures would be at or slightly below freezing and that there would be some slick spots. As the night went on it was increasingly likely for the band of snow to hit Louisville with bad driving conditions so a Winter Weather Advisory was issued before 5:00 AM. When JCPS called back the NWS told them about the deteriorating conditions. Other school districts were calling in and were told the same thing.

I feel that JCPS was misleading in their statement about the forecast and not telling the whole story......maybe trying to put the blame on the mets.

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