Sunday, January 10, 2010

What NBC SHOULD do is this

As many readers probably know, NBC is proposing the following line-up:
11:35 PM: The Jay Leno Show
12:05 AM: The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
1:05 AM: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
2:05 AM: Last Call with Carson Daly

However, they shouldn't do this. They should keep their late night schedule (minus the Leno experiment, an obvious failure) as it is.

What they SHOULD do is this: Give Jay Leno a variety show on Sunday nights when it is not the NFL season. Have it in the same style of the classic variety shows a la The Ed Sullivan Show. If it fails, it fails. If not, they have nothing to lose. Sunday night tends to be a weak night on the schedule as it is. I go from watching Sunday Night Football to watching Sunday Night Baseball or DVDs. That is, if I'm not watching a show at iO or Second City in Chicago.

A variety show on Sunday night will work. Furthermore, it could be shot during a day a week and air on Sunday. Right now, there's nothing airing late night on Sundays. A Jay Leno show on Sunday nights would feel that void. Remember Ed Sullivan? He aired on Sunday nights. So did Jack Benny, too.

Think about it NBC. Think about it.

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