Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 SEC Tournament Results

March 11-14
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN

March 11 (Thursday)
Game 1: [W4] Alabama 68, [E5] South Carolina 63
Game 2: [E3] Tennessee 59, [W6] LSU 49
Game 3: [E4] Florida 78, [W5] Auburn 69
Game 4: [E6] Georgia 77, [W3] Arkansas 64

March 12 (Friday)
Game 5: [E1] Kentucky 73, [W4] Alabama 67
Game 6: [E3] Tennessee 76, [W2] Ole Miss 65
Game 7: [W1] Mississippi State 75, [E4] Florida 69
Game 8: [E2] Vanderbilt 78, [E6] Georgia 66

March 13 (Saturday)
Game 9: [E1] Kentucky 74, [E3] Tennessee 45
Game 10: [W1] Mississippi State 62, [E2] Vanderbilt 52

March 14 (Sunday)
Game 11: [E1] Kentucky 75, [W1] Mississippi State 74 (OT)

Thursday-Friday matchups are being aired on the SEC Network while the Saturday-Sunday matchups can be found on ABC, except in the certain markets in North Carolina and South Carolina as WOLO and WLOS have agreements to air the ACC tournament.

Commentators for the the weekend matchups are Brad Nessler, analyst Jimmy Dykes and reporter Jeannine Edwards. Nessler and Dykes worked the daytime matchups on Thursday and I would assume the same for Friday's games. Eric Collins and analyst Mark Gottfried worked the evening matchups last night and I would assume the same thing for tonight.

Whit Watson, Barry Booker, and Joe Dean, Jr. take care of the pregame duties.

Sunday's championship game returns to ABC for the first time since 1991 when Brent Musburger and Joe Valvano did the game.

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