Monday, March 08, 2010

New John Hughes movie?

It appears that after quitting Hollywood in 1994 that John Hughes never stopped writing. The last movie based on something he wrote was the Owen Wilson vehicle, Drillbit Taylor. Paramount appears to be getting back in the Hughes game.
John Hughes' film career may not yet be over despite his sudden death in August.

The writer-director -- who was given an Oscar tribute Sunday -- has an unproduced screenplay, "Grisbys Go Broke," floating around the industry ether. Word crept out Friday that Paramount, which has a long history with Hughes, was picking up the script with hopes of turning it into a family comedy.

But the studio told The Hollywood Reporter that it was not negotiating to purchase the screenplay, which follows a wealthy Chicago family that loses everything and is forced to move to the sticks.

But Paramount certainly has no problem with digging back into Hughes material. Hughes' last feature was Paramount's 2008 Owen Wilson comedy "Drillbit Taylor," which began as a Hughes original but was rewritten by Seth Rogen and Kristofor Brown (Hughes' story credit appeared under the pseudonym Edmond Dantes).

The writer-director may have walked away from Hollywood in 1994, but he never lost his desire to write. After his death from a heart attack, family members found reams of unpublished and unproduced material.

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