Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lebanese Flotilla Organizer agrees with Helen Thomas

An organizer of the flotilla sailing from Lebanon has some very Helen Thomas-esque feelings towards Israel. That's not just being an anti-Israeli activist but also, an anti-Semite.
“I hope that when the day comes, those ships will be able to take the European refugees [meaning: the Israelis; N.B.] back to their homelands. I am calling out to the Israelis to do that,” said Palestinian businessman Yasser Qashlak who stands behind the provocation flotilla expected to arrive in Israeli waters from Lebanon, during an Interview with Hezbollah’s television channel Al-Manar last weekend.

“Gilad Shalit needs to return to Paris, and the rest of the murderers need to return to Poland”, he said later during the same interview, adding, “We will continue to persecute them until justice will have been done regarding the massacres from Deir Yassin and until this day.” Then he called the State of Israel “a dog infected with leprosy, who was sent to the area in order to scare the Arabs”, and asked the citizens of Israel not to “believe in the illusion of peace created by modern Arab leaders”. He continued, “Even if our leaders sign peace agreements, we will not respect them. Our children will return to Palestine.”

“We’ll see what the Zionists will tell the world after they send their foolish commando soldiers to stop women. I swear that we will persecute the Zionists everywhere in the world for the crimes that they carried out against our Palestinian brothers,” Qashlak told the Lebanese media over the past few days. He explained that the flotilla will consists of two ships, one of them called “Naji El-Ali” and the other one “Mariam”, which is also nicknamed the “women’s ship”, since dozens of women of the Arab world will sail on this ship.

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