Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fantastic Four Reborn

The Thing, played by Michael Chiklis in the first two movies, will be completely CGI in the new installment.

Screen Rant:
It would seem that the suits in charge of 20th Century Fox have heard the fans’ complaints because I have it from a source inside the Fox SFX department working on the Fantastic Four Reboot (officially titled Fantastic Four Reborn) that The Thing will officially be 100% CG.[...]

Another thing my source noted was that work on Fantastic Four Reborn has been put on the back burner until X-Men: First Class is in the can and shooting for that film doesn’t begin until September 21st, 2010. So it could be awhile before we see any images or graphics related to the Fantastic Four Reborn film.
I can see a CGI Thing working, especially if they go the Avatar route.

The one downside that I can see is that by making a new Fantastic Four movie, the rights won't revert back to Marvel. With the rights under Marvel, they have been able to bring in comic book writers as consultants on the scripts.

Personally, I think Marvel would do a better film. Granted, I own the other movies on DVD but mainly for the extra features.

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