Thursday, July 22, 2010

Phone ettiquette 101

Pardon the interruption but if you are running a campaign, last I checked was that if the media wants to interview you, YOU RETURN A PHONE CALL AND SET UP AN INTERVIEW!

There is nothing that does more harm to credibility and reputation than by running away from an interview.

I'm just saying this. I'm getting tired of reading how Jack Conway's advisors are ignoring the media and ditching interview.

Excerpt from Jake:
The back story? His staff has been ignoring her calls for two weeks. All this after he agreed to appear on the show this week.

If Jack can’t handle Mandy, how can he handle the U.S. Senate?

And, really, staffers? Not returning calls? It’s understandable that they’re passive-aggressive with me because I tell the truth about them. It’s even understandable that they’d ignore calls from MSNBC and make up excuses for not appearing on ABC. But come on.

I’m completely embarrassed on a personal and professional level for his candidacy. Tired of defending him and giving his staffers chance after chance.
We CANNOT forget what happened to Ted Kennedy's seat. We cannot take victory for granted.

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