Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mid-week recap

Oy vey. I'll never be rooting for the Anaheim Ducks.

Congressman Gary Ackmerman cut off ties to J Street. Good for him.

Rick Sanchez probably didn't watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. How did he miss all the signs?

And let me tell you, after listening to two hours of Sanchez describe how "once you go outside certain parts of U.S. into other parts of U.S. you will perceive you are not part of the club" and that "Jon is using me as a punching bag. And I took it to heart" and perhaps most revealingly "I don't like being called dumb. Because I'm not" and also "what I said had nothing to do with Stewart's Jewishness. I didn't even know he was Jewish. Just felt (at the time) he was elitist" you couldn't help come away with the sense this was a man with a huge, insecure, chip on his shoulder.

Perhaps Stewart recognized this also because according to Sanchez when he talked to him the next day Stewart "came straight to the phone" told Sanchez 'I liked you, you were my favorite."
I love Mad Men. I'd also love for Matthew Weiner to get back to work!

Judd Apatow hosted the Producer Guild Awards over the past weekend. Read some highlights. Charlie Sheen is always fair game.

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