Monday, January 03, 2011

Wednesday has major news

On Wednesday, we will find out the results of the Baseball Writers' Association of America Hall of Fame balloting. The ballot features 33 players total, including 14 holdovers from the previous elections and 19 new candidates for election. The magic number is 75% for Hall of Fame induction.

Don McNay looks at the next generation of political leadership in Kentucky.
Bringing the concept forward 30 years later, I asked a number of people in the "political know" of Kentucky the question. "Who do you see emerging as the next leaders of Kentucky?"

When we get to 2014 and 2015 (when a U.S. Senate race and Governor's race will be taking place) who are some of the names we will be talking about?[...]

Legendary Kentucky journalist and former head of the Appalachian Regional Commission (under Jimmy Carter) Al Smith joined Garmer and former Secretary of State John Y. Brown III in mentioning Lexington's incoming Mayor, Jim Gray. Garmer and Brown also noted incoming Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer.

Smith touted three young people with considerable pedigrees: Clay Barkley, great grandson of Vice President (under Harry Truman) Alben Barkley, Martha McKinney of Logan County, granddaughter of Western Kentucky political powerhouse Rayburn Smith and Jamie Emmons, 30, the son of political consultant Dale Emmons.

Jamie "made his bones" by managing Jim Gray's successful campaign for Lexington Mayor.[...]

Former Secretary of State Bob Babbage mentioned several people, including Adam Edelen, who is running for State Auditor, a position Babbage once held. Babbage and several others touted former Kentucky Democratic Party chair, Jennifer Moore, who is a Louisville trial lawyer.

John Y. Brown III noted Luther Deaton, the CEO of Central Bank in Lexington.

Babbage, Garmer and several others mentioned Louisville attorney Morgan McGarvey as someone to watch.

From the western part of the state, outgoing Madisonville Mayor Will Cox was frequently mentioned. But Cox, himself, likes Henderson County Attorney Steve Gold and state representatives John Tilly (Hopkinsville) and Will Coursey (Benton).
Rest assured that, should these folks run for office, the bloggers will be a force to be reckoned with, especially the likes of Jake and Joe. I, myself, will probably be back in Chicago by then pursuing a career in improv and sketch comedy.

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