Friday, July 27, 2012

Saints owner wants to purchase New Orleans Times-Picayune

This is a classy move on Tom Benson's part.

The owner of the New Orleans Saints wants to preserve the daily reading of the newspaper at the breakfast table.  This is the ritual of many in the morning.  You get up, eat breakfast, and read the paper.  It cannot get better than that.

If the current ownership of the TP is smart, they will sell the New Orleans Times-Picayune to someone that gives a rat's ass about the city.  Not everybody wants to read their news online, even in this age of digital media.

Look at the Olympic Games in London this week.  I don't want to read the names of the winners online.  I'm not even going to live stream the games.  What is being televised in primetime should not be spoiled for those of us who follow sportswriters and NBC folks on Twitter.  Do you think I want to read the winners at 2 in the afternoon?  It takes the fun out of watching the games at night if I already know who won.

This is one of the few times that I agree with Sen. David Vitter, a Republican.  I wrote an article on Anthony Davis and the Hornets a while back.  Just trying to find out who were the beat writers and sports columnists were a pain in the tuchas!

If head Steven Newhouse thinks that a print publication schedule of 3 days a week is right, he should resign or sell the paper.  Three days a week is not the right business model for a daily newspaper.  It never has been!

Look at what Gannett has done to The Courier-Journal in Louisville.  It's been thinned out in several years to the point that there is no local TV/Radio critic, no Film critic, and in recent weeks, two sports columnists and a recruiting writer have departed for online websites.

Entertainment coverage has gotten so bad that I get my TV and Film news elsewhere.  I stopped reading the Features section because the Buzz column is all tabloid gossip now.  There's nothing even worth reading.

Something in the paper three days after the fact is already old news.  That's how much time I have saved in reading the CJ.  If I read an article the day before online, why would I even bother reading it in the paper the next day?  If that's the case, just stop printing altogether and the citizens will run you out of town!

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