Saturday, July 21, 2012

Serious Gun Control Reform is Needed

During every shooting, there is a new call for serious reform for Gun Control and nothing ever happens.

Every time a politician asks us to keep victims in our thoughts and prayers, they never take any action to find a solution.

Enough is enough.  It is time for politicians in Washington, DC and state legislatures to get their heads out of the NRA's ass and see to it to that these deaths were not in vain.

I remember writing off to those in Washington in 2004, when the assault weapons ban was expiring, saying that it would be Congress who was ultimately responsible for making it easier to buy weapons.  I agree with former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell in that not passing the ban was an "act of cowardice by the Congress."  I'm with him 100 percent.  Assault weapons have no place in the home.  They are not the weapons that people should be using while they hunt.  Rendell's comments on MSNBC are below the jump.

“We’re terrified of the NRA. We Democrats are as bad as the Republicans. Everyone is scared of the NRA. Number one, there are some things worth losing for in politics and to be able to prevent carnage like this is worth losing for.

What the Congress ought to do, again, I apologize for talking about this in the wake of all this, but it is important. The Congress should reinstate the assault weapons ban.  Number one, no citizen should be allowed to have an assault rifle. That’s clear. There’s no reason. No hunter needs it, no citizen needs it to protect their home.

Citizens are allowed to have firearms, shotguns, no assault weapons.

Number two,  we ought to limit the number of bullets that are allowed to be sold in a clip that goes into an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. Had we done that in Loughner’s case, people would have been saved from serious bodily injury.  We need leadership and we need someone to stand up and say, Enough is enough.
Again, I agree with Dan Gross. We don’t know where the guns came from but it doesn’t matter where the assault rife came from. Citizens shouldn’t have assault rifles”
It is time for the government to stand up to the NRA as Gov. Rendell argued.

Read at what film critic Roger Ebert has to say on the matter.

All these things happened at a screening of the newest Batman film.  Batman is one of the comic book characters that will never kill a villain and especially will not use a gun in fighting one.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling on both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to do something about it.

It's time for the politicians of America to stand up to the NRA and take some serious action.

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