Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time Warner Cable does not carry the NFL Network

Insight customers have reason to be concerned and scared by the actions of Time Warner Cable.

When Insight was purchased a while ago, they had a carriage agreement with the NFL Network.  At the same time, Time Warner had agreements with the MLB Network and NBA TV.

Time Warner has since placed the MLB Network on the cable listings and will be adding NBA TV in the middle of August.  However, they have never been able to come to an agreement with the NFL Network.

When they announced schedules for 2012, the NFL announced a Thursday night package that will air exclusively on the NFL Network.  The Indianapolis Colts and the Cincinnati Bengals both have at least one game airing on the network during the regular season.  They have quite a few more preseason games on the network as well.  However, because Louisville or Lexington are not in the LOCAL AREA MARKET, these games will NOT BE CARRIED by a LOCAL CHANNEL.

The former Insight customers, now being served by Time Warner, are being held hostage.  The one thing that cable companies--most of them, anyway--have learned is that you don't mess around with sports fans.  But not Time Warner.  They are evil.

Here's this bit from Roger Goodell:
NFL Network still isn't available to all viewers, though. The league will work to make sure providers such as Cablevision and Time Warner Cable include it in their offerings to consumers.

"Every cable operator, other than the two, has seen that with their customers," Goodell said of NFL Network's popularity "We'll continue to work with them. We'll continue to try to get an agreement. The market has spoken. The NFL Network's here, and it's going to continue to grow."
There was optimism in 2011 that the NFL Network would be added but talks fell through.

 That's right, according to this article, Time Warner does not fucking care one bit about whether we want to watch the NFL Network.  There are 680,000 customers that, in all likelihood, will be considering switching to alternative cable carriers or even a satellite company like Dish or DirecTV.
Insight, whose footprint covers 680,000 customers in Kentucky and Ohio, will drop NFL Network from its lineup once TWC closes its deal.

The NFL Network is in 60 million homes.
TWC only wants to place the channel on a sports tier as opposed to ESPN, which is on basic cable in most cable systems.

Per Bleacher Report, the best bet for Insight customers is to switch to AT&T and pray that Time Warner Cable does not obtain a monopoly.  Unfortunately, the local papers really haven't discovered that Time Warner Cable is a PAIN IN THE TUCHAS!

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