Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Next President of the United States

Because there was a private reception, I had to edit this a little.

I had the honor today of meeting the next President of the United States. Senator Bayh was in town to launch an initiative started by State Treasurer (and good friend) Jonathan Miller. The initiative deals with the Military Family Bill of Rights. Bayh is working on it in the Senate and in the House--Congressmen Ben Chandler (D KY-6) and Geoff Davis (R KY-4).

Before the press conference, I was able to attend a private reception where Sen. Bayh met briefly with everyone, and gave a speech. He took some questions. Of course, I was one of the first to meet with him when he came in. Evidently, my personal blog is popular enough to where I've become a leading voice for the Democrats per Evan. I did manage to get a photo of Senator Bayh and some other state officials. Jonathan introduced him as Kentucky's 3rd Senator and said he hopes to introduce him as the next President of the United States someday.

Before Senator Bayh showed up, I spoke with and got pictures with State Auditor Crit Luallen and Rep. Ben Chandler. I spoke with Ben for a few minutes. I spoke with Jack Conway when he arrived. He ran in 2002 against Anne Northup. No word yet on whether he'll be running in 2006. I hope he does. Like myself, Jonathan and Ben are big into fantasy baseball.

I've read some of the crap that Bayh gets for his speeches and people say he has no charisma. Guess what I have to say about that? They are wrong. I can say that I have met the next President of the USA. I will work my butt off for him when he runs in 2008. He may not be telling anyone, especially the press, but you can see that he is running especially with trips to NH and Iowa.

Jonathan introduced Senator Bayh at the press conference and than Congressman Chandler afterwards. They all took questions afterwards. Mark Riddle, who managed Jack and Ben's campaigns, was at the press conference as well. Mark Nicholas was there as well. He blogs at the Bluegrass Report. He also managed Ben's 2003 campaign.

All in all, it was great. After the press conference, I was introduced to many people including Jefferson Co. Chairman Tim Longmeyer, though I think it had to do with a little website I run...

Before I forget, I did make Fox 41's news. If anyone can capture the stream from this website and make it into a format that I can save to my hard drive, that would be awesome.

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