Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rounding up the weekend

Just got back yesterday from my last game at Busch Stadium as it is the final season before the Cardinals move next door to the new Busch Stadium. Unfortunately, I can't say I saw them win Thursday night. As a die-hard Cardinals fan, I'm going to miss it just like I will miss listening to the Cardinals on KMOX, the 50,000 watt station as they will be moving to another channel. Now, it's going to be harder to listen to them or watch them on TV. I can't afford XM radio.

You can vote for the all-time Busch Stadium team at the Cardinals' official site. Jason Marquis will be aiming for his 10th win today this season. A win would place all 5 starters with at least 10 wins this season. Chris Carpenter, in his first 50 starts as a Cardinal, has been impressive with a 31-9 record. Albert Pujols, on Friday, became the first player in MLB history to have at least 30 home runs in his first five seasons. Happy B-day to Mark Mulder who started on his 28th last night. Today was the 3,200th game at Busch Stadium (3,151 Regular season, 48 post season) where the Cards are 1778-1416 (.557). The Braves were the opponents for the first game on May 12, 1966

The Red Sox now have used 44 players with the most recent being Jose Cruz, Jr. Manny Ramirez has hit at least 30 home runs in 11 seasons, including 5 alone in Boston.

A recent poll has shown that more Americans admire Jews over Catholics, Muslims, evangelicals or atheists. What can I say? We're funny, we can act, and sing. Not to mention some impressive sports records.

Listen to what your Mom said. You don't know how much it will help you in the future!

The ghostbusters are back. Who are you gonna call? The nearest store selling the DVD! Speaking of Dan Aykroyd, he's helping people with the water bill blues.
Actor and musician Dan Aykroyd, who grew up in the area and reportedly has a summer home in nearby Loughborough Lake, is to headline the concert.

Forbes said all the money raised from the concert will go to property owners who can't afford to pay their hook-up fees.

He said they expect to raise around $10,000.
Robert Novak has been suspended indefinitely by CNN after swearing on live TV while debating James Carville. Thank the heavens!

Johnny Knoxville has been compared to acting greats.
Though it was an ensemble program, Knoxville drew much of the attention, for better or worse — and he'd been offered a spot as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, which he turned down because it came up just as he was shooting the Jackass pilot.

"It was at the point where I either say yes to my friends, where we had all the control, or yes to Saturday Night Live where none of my friends were really going to be there and I had no control," he says. "I just thought I made the right decision."
Evan Bayh will be in Louisville on August 17th at 2 PM. I believe it will be at Jefferson Square.

Fancy Farm takes place this weekend. I can't make it as I just got back from St. Louis.

Right on, Jonathan! Veterans's deserve their security too!
Miller has drafted what he has termed the Military Families' Bill of Rights, an ambitious proposal that would require state and federal legislation to fully implement.

"This is a time in our country when we want to and we need to support our military," Miller said, citing the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. "This way I'm using my bully pulpit as treasurer to try and do something for the men and women in our military and their families."

Miller said he came up with the idea at Fort Knox in Hardin County, where he was conducting financial literacy outreach, another cause his office has taken on.
Joe Lieberman's home is for sale.
The home of Senator Lieberman in the Westville section of New Haven is up for sale, for just under $600,000.

Where have you gone, Joe Lieberman? A city turns its lonely eyes to you, or more specifically, your house.
Batman might very well be Jewish. See the Adventures of Batmensch.

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