Thursday, August 10, 2006

In other news...

It's a busy news day here at the Kentucky Democrat.

In SNL news, word on the street is that Horatio Sanz is no longer going to be a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

VH1 will air So Jewtastic on December 19, 2006, shortly before the minor Jewish holiday of Chanukah starts.

The Lebanese govenment has called up 15,000 reservists

Lebanon said it would deploy troops in southern Lebanon if Israel withdrew.[...]

Israeli spokesman Mark Regev told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Israel welcomed the decision in principle, but wanted to see whether Hezbollah would disarm.
A recent survey shows strong support from Americans for Israel's recent conflict.
The Israel Project released a poll indicating strong backing for Israel in its conflict with Hezbollah.

The poll, released last Friday, said that 67 percent of Americans surveyed feel Israel is somewhat or strongly justified in its operations in Lebanon.

Also, 68 percent of those polled believe that Israel is targeting Hezbollah strongholds and strategic areas, as opposed to carrying out indiscriminate attacks.

Fifty-one percent support Israel’s continuation of military operations against Hezbollah, while 38 percent say Israel should stop.
I know I said I wouldn't blog about the CT race but this article says it right here.

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