Thursday, August 31, 2006

Need my UK news...

Well, it's almost Labor Day weekend and that means that there's a big college football game on Sunday--which I believe is on ESPN, but I don't know considering a certain athletic site has been made UNAVAILABLE to students on this campus since January of 2005--which is ridiculous if you ask me. It's one of the most important athletic programs in the state and I can't even access the game notes?!? I have no pocket schedules for either UK Football or Basketball to look up what channel the game is on--it would be nice though. One rumor I have heard is that it is a bandwidth issue. Either way, it's upsetting.

Amy Poehler is believed to still be an anchor on SNL's Weekend Update. I'm assuming that no one will know for sure what's going on until the date and/or week of the season premiere in September of this year.

Curt Schilling became the 14th player yesterday to record 3,000 strikeouts.
"Hats off to the organization, the Oakland A's, for recognizing it," said Schilling. "I'm very humbled by the fact that their fans recognized it and the Sox fans that were here. You certainly don't expect it on the road. It's kind of uncomfortable because there's a game going on and ... you want to acknowledge the people but you don't want to make it bigger than the situation. I was very humbled by it. I was very honored that they did that. I thought it was a very, very classy thing to do."

Schilling joins a who's who list of former and current greats that includes Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Steve Carlton, Bert Blyleven, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Walter Johnson, Phil Niekro, Ferguson Jenkins, Greg Maddux and Bob Gibson.
Pedro Martinez is the only active player right now within reach of 3,000 strikeouts this season if he comes off the DL in early September. Martinez has 2,986 strikeouts.

Boston 2, Oakland 7
Losing pitcher - Curt Schilling (14-7)

Tom Cruise has some strange company.

Former Congressman Baron Hill is doing the same thing that State Rep. Mike Weaver did the other day. Cheap gasoline for all.

Mazel tov to Neil Simon on receieving the Mark Twain Prize for Humor.
The frightfully prolific playwright Neil Simon, of Brighton Beach Memoirs and Odd Couple fame, will receive the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize, which "focuses on those who create humor from their uniquely American experiences."

Simon will be honored Oct. 15 at a do featuring Jason Alexander, Richard Dreyfuss, Nathan Lane, Cyndi Lauper and Robert Redford. (It will air Nov. 20 on PBS.)

The humor prize was inaugurated in '98 with honors going to Richard Pryor. Honorees include Jonathan Winters, Carl Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin.
A long time coming for Israel's Magen David Adom.

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