Friday, June 24, 2011

Celtics notes

I'm still digesting the draft last night and what it means for the future. I did catch this nugget while looking over the Boston Globe:
“This year we went in with the idea that if a good opportunity came to move out of the draft, depending on who’s available in the draft, [we’d take it],’’ Ainge said. “But when JaJuan was available, we really wanted to stay. He was a guy we had rated pretty high and we had targeted from the beginning.’’

The Celtics are expected to make Jeff Green a qualifying offer and attempt to retain him as a restricted free agent. Green, Rajon Rondo, Johnson, Moore, and Avery Bradley are a solid core for the future. And the Celtics also have the Clippers’ 2012 first-round pick and plenty of cap space next summer when Garnett and Ray Allen become free agents.

“It’s a big offseason for us,’’ said Rivers, who signed a five-year contract extension in the offseason. “And we want to win it again and we need help. We have to go out and get players.’’

Because of salary cap restrictions and the uncertainty of the new collective bargaining agreement, the Celtics will be hard pressed to make a major impact in free agency.

At least they were able to get a capable player in the first round, one who adds youth to an aging frontcourt and helps the Celtics to move on from the Kendrick Perkins trade. While Perkins was wildly popular with fans and an effective center, Johnson could prove to be just as talented and impactful.
I'm not anywhere close to being ready to say goodbye to Ray or KG. Who knows who gets drafted next summer?

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