Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will the media stop showing the coward's face?

This has been a big failure in the media and it still keeps happening.

Every single time that the network news and cable news channels show the face of the COWARD, all it does is glorify and validate what they did.  Please stop.  It's not just rude but it's painful for the families of the victims.

I give Dick Vitale a lot of grief for never shutting up while I watch basketball games on ESPN but he's pretty smart on this one.  If only his bosses would pass on his opinions to the managing editors of the news networks.

Dick Vitale:
I am sick to my stomach opening the papers seeing all the PR & fame that redhead scumbag COWARD rec'd over his actions in Aurora.
Another tweet of Dick Vitale:
Keep his mug off TV- coward that killed those that had no defense.  Brings u to tears hearing families speak about their loved ones.
This is the right action to take.  Does the media have no respect?  These families have been through enough over the last few days.  I beg of you, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and all the cable news networks to stop glorifying and validating the actions of that schmuck.

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