Sunday, December 21, 2008

In entertainment news...

Paul Rudd has been named as the MVP of the comedy genre.
In awards season, it’s easy to forget that there are actors who may never be nominated for Academy Awards simply because of the genre they work in. Let’s hope this is not the fate of the ultra-talented Paul Rudd. One of the most dependably funny actors in Hollywood, Rudd is the MVP of comedy films. And he’s not one of those “only a starring role, please” snobs; for his good buddies in the Judd Apatow gang, he’ll take a supporting part or even a cameo.
Liberal bloggers say what they want about Sen. Joe Lieberman but his constituents feel differently.

Stand-up comedians have several cameos in Funny People.
It’s beginning to look like Judd Apatow is trying to fill his new Adam Sandler dramedy Funny People with an all-star list of stand-up comedian cameos playing themselves. Dave Attell appeared on the Howard Stern Show today, and revealed that he filmed a scene for Funny People with Sarah Silverman and Norm MacDonald. Andy Dick has also filmed a cameo as himself.
I'm sorry but Andy Dick?!?

John Pelphrey shows his Kentucky loyalties.
With the game two weeks away, a reminder arrived of the intensity of the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry.

It came courtesy of Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey, the Kentucky native and UK "Unforgettable" who can't bring himself to say the "L" word.

Early last week, Pelphrey refused to say "Louisville" while discussing the Cardinals' 94-75 victory over Austin Peay. Arkansas was Austin Peay's next opponent four days later.

Pelphrey attributed U of L's victory to the "improved play by whatever the name of that school is. I can't even say it."

Fans of a certain age will recall that Pelphrey's dislike of Louisville showed in his playing days when he got into an altercation with U of L's James Brewer. The two were separated before any real damage was done.

But for Pelphrey to mimic former Ohio State Woody Hayes, who found it difficult to say the word "Michigan," seems strange because his former UK coach, Rick Pitino, now leads the Cardinals.

"I usually call it the University of Pitino," Pelphrey said when asked about Louisville by the Arkansas press corps.

But when talking with the media on Wednesday, Pelphrey twice said "Louisville" as he again discussed U of L's game against Austin Peay.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sportswriter Bob Holt then alerted Pelphrey about the slip. "He seemed shocked, looking like a minister who had been told he cussed during a Sunday sermon," Holt wrote.

Pelphrey initially denied saying the "L" word. But when a reporter noted the power of tape recorders, Pelphrey conceded.

"I'm not perfect," he said.

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