Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jack Conway Kicks-off Senate campaign

I no longer live in the state so thanks to the joys of the internet, I was able to follow the live blog on Barefoot and Progressive and I'm able to watch the videos on YouTube.

I echo everything that Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo gave a killer speech:

Congressman John Yarmuth endorses Jack Conway and I echo everything said about how far Jack Conway can go:

State Auditor Crit Luallen chimes in and reminds you that Jack Conway can get things done:

Congressman Ben Chandler, the man we all thought would run in 2008 or 2010, gives a ringing endorsement of Jack Conway:

Part one of Jack's speech:

Part 2:

Hard to believe that it's been 11 years since we've had a Democrat in the United States Senate.

Nice to see a crack at Kim Geveden with the whole Duke joke.

"It's not where you went to school, it's what you do with your education."

Jack Conway loves the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He will make a great public servant in the United States Senate.

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