Sunday, April 12, 2009

Endorsement: Jack Conway for U.S. Senate

Back in March 2002, I had the honor of meeting then-congressional candidate Jack Conway at his campaign headquarters on Taylorsville Road in Louisville. I knew at that time that he was going to go places. Granted, I also introduced myself as a future president of the United States but we saw how that career turned out...

There's no doubt in my mind that Jack Conway is going places. I had hoped that he would have run again for Congress in 2004 but he didn't. In 2006, everyone thought that he would have run again. In fact, I hoped he would have. But that didn't happen for professional and personal reasons. In late 2006, with the 2007 statewide elections, it was great to see that Jack Conway was running to be Kentucky's next Attorney General. I'm glad that he won. Kentucky's a better state as a result with him in the Attorney General's office.

Jack Conway will make an excellent United States Senator because as Jake said: Jack Conway is "a guy who has a solid record of fighting against everything that’s wrong and standing up for everything that’s right."

That's who Kentucky needs right now. A leader that will stand up for the people and truly represent what they want. I believe that Jack Conway is that guy.

Please visit Jack Conway's campaign website as he embarks on his Senatorial career and if you have the money, make a donation. We need Jim Bunning voted out of office and we found our candidate in Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway.

I ask that my fellow Kentuckians back home make the best decision this time when it comes to the Senate race and vote for Jack Conway in the primary.

Go watch Jack Conway officially kick off his Senatorial campaign on Monday at 4:30 P.M. at the Ali Center in Louisville. G-d knows that I would be there if I could.

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