Monday, April 27, 2009

The Kentucky blogosphere is dead?!?

That's news to me but that's what Shack is saying over at The Rural Democrat. It doesn't surprise me. I have been following is blog for a while now and he's a die-hard Mongiardo supporter while the rest of us (Joe, Jake, anyone else I'm forgetting here) are very much in the Jack Conway column.

Granted, I don't do as much political blogging as I used to do back in the day. The fact is well, I'm not going to get into that debate right now.

It's funny though. Shack makes no mention of Page One or Barefoot and Progressive. Yea, I've had some rough times with them and I've made no light of that. But that's over. I've moved on. We're all in this together.

Um, I wonder who actually voted in that survey...because Jack Conway has experience. What's with all the stuff about personal attacks? I'll give Shack the same free advice that Mark gave me back in the day: ignore the comments. After a while, I just ignore the negative comments and let it go. There's no point in stressing out over a debate that will just be heated.

But you want experience?!? Jack Conway served in Governor Paul Patton's office for six years in senior level cabinet positions. You want more experience? Just click here.

But to feud online with other bloggers just because they disagree with you on your candidate of choice? Wow.

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