Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Apatow wants Colin Firth for spin-off

Judd Apatow is requesting Colin Firth's presence in the Knocked Up spin-off according to MTV.
"It's spinning off right now, as we speak," Apatow told me outside the fancy shmanz Vanity Fair Oscar party Sunday night.

"We're in rehearsals," Mann said, adding that her character and Rudd's character will be seen at a different place in their marriage than in "Knocked Up."

"We're really happy now," she said. "Pete and Debbie are really happy."[...]

"Well, it just takes place four or five years later and you just see where they're at," Apatow explained. "The rest is a secret because it doesn't come out until 2012 and if you already knew what it was about for a year and a half, you wouldn't even want to see it."[...]

"There will be people who are really interesting in the movie," he said. "And some familiar people who are in the movie."

I then asked if we can we expect any special guest appearances by known dramatic actors looking to showcase their hidden comedic talents, a la Eric Bana's scene-stealing turn in "Funny People."

"I'm going to hit on Colin Firth tonight and see if he can play the weird neighbor," Apatow said. "I think he might do it."
I can see Colin Firth in a role. I'm looking forward to the movie.

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