Monday, March 28, 2011

Wiltjer wins 3-Point Contest

Kyle Wiltjer, the Wildcats' new big man next year, won the three point contest tonight in Chicago as a part of the McDonald's All-American festivities. Wiltjer made 17 three pointers to win the contest.

While Wiltjer is a five start recruit, he's the lowest rated of the incoming freshman class.

ESPN notes:
May be the most skilled power forward in the class. He can score from anywhere on the floor and is a match up nightmare. He can pass and handle the ball as well. Needs to attempt to improve his foot speed and quickness and add strength but this young man can flat out make plays on the offensive end of the floor against anyone in the high school ranks. We consider him a cross between Keith Van Horn and Kevin McHale. notes:
Wiltjer is a talented post prospect headed to Kentucky. He has legitimate touch from the perimeter and range that extends past the three-point stripe. Wiltjer has a variety of moves and can score inside. He won't overwhelm you with his speed or athleticism, but he's a smart player that plays to his strength and has an impressive all around game, especially on the offensive end.
It is really good to see another three point threat given the possibilities that a few of this year's class could very well be headed to the NBA. We don't know anything for sure. This could be similar to Florida in that if we win, they could decide to come back for more.

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