Sunday, April 03, 2011

Braeden Anderson commits to Kentucky?

Braeden Anderson, a Power Forward in the 2011 recruiting class, has committed to Kentucky according to WLKY anchor Rick Van Hoose during the postgame coverage tonight.

Rivals lists the big man from Massachusetts as a 3 star.

Scout has absolutely nothing as far as rankings go.

UPDATE #1: Jody Demling has tweeted that Van Hoose misspoke.

UPDATE #2: Jeff Drummond via twitter:
Lots of people asking about Braeden Anderson commit to UK rumor. No reply from him, but doubtful it has happened yet, but maybe in the works
UPDATE #3: I just woke up and checked the latest from twitter. The reports of his committing to Kentucky are not true but that does not mean that the interest is not there. Simply, Rick Van Hoose of WLKY jumped the ball last night, so to speak. It's bad reporting on WLKY's part.

UPDATE #4:Straight from Braeden Anderson's Facebook page:
The rumors are not true BBN... not yet anyways
That was posted two hours ago.

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