Friday, April 29, 2011

Early entry deadline

The NCAA has decided to make some changes that will have a real effect on the college basketball game. They have made the decision to move the date to withdraw from the NBA Draft and return to college to mid-April. This ends the whole testing the waters period. One the one hand, it does affect how a coach recruits. A coach will know who is returning to school and what their needs are. I see that as a plus for the game.

Currently speaking, the deadline for early entrants into the NBA draft is 60 days before the draft. However, the NBA deadline to withdraw and the NCAA deadline to withdraw are different dates. The NCAA deadline for this year is May 8, 2011. The NBA deadline is in early June.

Trevor Lacey is currently undecided and he's a 5 star player according to In addition to Kentucky, he's looking at Kansas, Auburn, and other colleges. The whole Brandon Knight decision is weighing in on his decision. Brandon has until May 8th to withdraw from the draft. Vaught's Views actually has an update on Brandon Knight and whether he stays in or returns to school.
The students chanted “one more year” as Knight was introduced and took part in a question and answer session with Conkwright principal Travis Earlywine.

Knight smiled at the chant and indicated that he’s still undecided on whether or not he will return next season for his sophomore campaign.

“I’m still 50-50,” he said. “I haven’t really made a decision yet.”

As for coming back to Kentucky, Knight said he “wouldn’t mind it” and would embrace another opportunity to play for the Wildcats for one more season.

“Kentucky is a great place and I’ve enjoyed being here,” he said. “That wouldn’t be a bad decision at all.”

Knight has 11 days to make up his mind.

“I will know by (May 8th),” he said. “By then, I will know what I will be doing.”
If you want my decision, if Brandon decides to come back, the 2011-12 Kentucky Wildcats will absolutely be stacked.

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