Thursday, April 14, 2011

Louisville and Kentucky governments aren't communicating

Talk about a lack of communication between the state and local government. River Road was closed late last night between 3rd and 8th Streets because of high water from the river.

The third street ramp from 64 had both lanes open during the morning rush hour. The lane closest to the river is a right-turn exit only. The road that lane turns on to was closed. Unfortunately, no one bothered closing the lane on or before the ramp...thus backing up traffic for miles and miles.

It was reported in this morning's Courier Journal, no less, that River Road was closed at the ramp. All of that said, EVERYONE knows that the far right lane is not just an exit only lane but a lane that MUST TURN RIGHT.

Furthermore, there is a sign that alerts drivers on I-71 prior to the Zorn Avenue exit about congestion, etc. All it said this morning, when I passed it, was that there was heavy congestion. Nothing about the road closure.

This shows you the lack of people that either read this morning's newspaper or don't subscribe to the paper.

I emailed a complaint to Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's office and got the following statement from Susan Bagshaw in the Public Works & Assets Department:
Good afternoon. I was forwarded a copy of your email for a response from Public Works and Assets regarding the emergency road closure. The road was closed due to high water but the ramp was still open. I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay that it caused but our priority is the safety of the motoring public.

Emergency Road Closures are sent out to the media along with numerous contacts including the Kentucky Transportation Department as notification.

The Kentucky Department of Transportation would be the agency to put any signage or barricades on an interstate or ramp if a closure is necessary.

We are always looking at how we do business to do it more efficiently and how to keep the citizen's more informed so delays like this can be avoided as much as possible in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to write.
I did send a complaint to the Kentucky Department as well. I'll post a response if and when I get one.

If they knew ahead of time that the road would be closed, why was there no barricade placed to alert drivers? Why cause further backup as a result?

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