Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mitt Romney selects Paul Ryan as running mate

In pandering to the conservative right-wing of the Republican Party, Republican Party presidential nominee and flip-flopper Mitt Romney selected Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, is one of the most conservative members of Congress.

The Obama Truth team shared a photo on Facebook on Saturday saying the following 5 things about what voters should know about Paul Ryan.
1.  He believes in the same top-down economic policies that crashed our economy.
2.  He'd hike taxes on middle-class families to pay for tax cuts for millionaires
3.  He'd cut Pell Grants, clean energy, and innovation funding even as he gives more tax breaks to the wealthy.
4.  He would end Medicare as we know it.
5.  He co-sponsored a bill that would ban many forms of birth control.
That's not all.  Paul Ryan is a scary candidate for vice president.  Sure, Sarah Palin was just an airhead but Paul Ryan is as scary of a Vice Presidential candidate that I could ever remember.  Think Progress has an introduction of the guy.  He's one that is backed by the Koch brothers.  That alone is scary.

Paul Ryan denies the existence of climate change.  He would rather side with the Big Oil companies than with "scientific fact and the future of human civilization."

I'm scared.  You should be scared.  We all should be scared.

In essence, if President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden do not get re-elected, we are all fucked.  With the tea party preventing anything from happening in Washington, things in Congress are at an all-time low when it comes to anything happening.

To steal a line from The Campaign, we need some brooms in Washington because it's a mess!


Mike Barer said...

If he wanted to go in that direction, he could at least have chosen Eric Kantor.

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