Thursday, August 09, 2012

NBC Olympics Coverage on Thursday

NBC Thursday features a lot of action but chances are you will be watching NBC Sports Network at 2:30 PM Eastern to watch USA take on Japan in the rematch of the 2011 FIFA World Cup championship game.

10 AM: Synchronized swimming
10:45 AM: Canoe/Kayak
11:15 AM: Open Water swimming
11:30 AM: Rhythmic Gymnastics
12:15 PM: Track and Field
1 PM: Open Water swimming
1:15 PM: Rhythmic Gymnastics
1:40 PM: Women's Water Polo (Bronze)
3 PM: Women's Water Polo (Gold)
4 PM: Men's Beach Volleyball (Gold)
Primetime: Track and Field, Women's Volleyball semifinal, BMX cycling, Diving

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