Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bob Leeper for Senate

No, that is not an endorsement. However, State Senator Bob Leeper will be running for re-election as a Democrat.
State Sen. Bob Leeper said he's decided to seek re-election next year, this time as an independent.

Leeper entered the Senate as a Democrat in 1991 and changed to Republican in 1999, as the GOP took its first majority in the legislature.

He is now the only independent in the General Assembly, leaving the Republican Party during a heated disagreement this year over a contested state Senate election in Jefferson County.

Leeper had said he might ponder returning to the Republican Party but said he made his decision on what felt comfortable to him.

"As an independent, I won't have to fit into some mold created by a party," he told The Paducah Sun.

The only other announced candidate for the seat is Carroll Hubbard, a Democrat and former congressman who served a prison term for federal campaign finance violations.
However, I will add on that I wish the party could do better than a former congressman who had a term in prison. It doesn't look good for the Democratic Party especially when the Republican Governor here is having some problems of his own. We shouldn't be hypocrites if we do that...

I must add that I am running for a CDKY position so it looks like I will have no choice as to who I endorse but can't our party do better?

In order to take back the State Senate, we have to run better candidates that have a chance to win.

Now on to other news, I am lining up an interview with a candidate for Congress in New Hampshire.

Some John Grisham novels are now available on trade paperback. I have the first paperback editions of most of his novels. I've got some reading to catch up on this winter...

The Red Sox were rained out yesterday and will play a double header today with the Blue Jays. It was today in 2004 that the Red Sox clinched the AL Wild Card. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ken Ungar, the IRL official, has resigned.
Ungar was the first chief of staff of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, hired in January 1997. He was appointed to the board of the U.S. Auto Club in 2000.

Before joining the Speedway, Ungar served as deputy chief of staff for then-Indiana Governor Evan Bayh.
No! I disagree with this article. With the lack of a 50 state campaign, I just don't see it as a viable option for the Democratic party. I want a candidate that will campaign in all 50 states.

What? This article from JTA states that Washington rebuffed offers from Israel to help with New Orleans. Okay, someone at FEMA needs to get their priorities straight considering most of our resources are in IRAQ! And Brownie was rehired at FEMA? The guy ran an Arabian Horse Show! He does not qualify for any frickin' job at FEMA!!
Washington may have rebuffed Israeli offers of expert assistance in the days after Hurricane Katrina, but a team of Israeli rescue personnel managed to deploy in some of the worst-hit areas around New Orleans, JTA has learned.

The 18-member team — which included physicians, mental health professionals, trauma specialists, logistics experts and a special unit of Israeli police divers — arrived in St. Bernard Parish and Plaquemines Parish on Sept. 10 and spent a week and a half assisting fire department search-and-rescue squads and sitting in on daily planning meetings that included local leadership and a complement of FEMA, police, military and fire representatives, the Israeli team’s leader said.

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