Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Down the stretch

We're heading into the final few weeks of the regular season.

St. Louis is taking on Cincy tonight, and through 8 innings, the Cardinals lead 5-1. The magic number against the Braves to guarantee home field advantage is 3. The Cardinals are 95-57 while the Braves are 85-65. The Cards lead the league with 187 double plays, a few short of 1974's club record of 192.

Hanley Ramirez became the 51st Red Sox to play this season and the 8th to make his major league debut with the Sox.

I'm hoping for a Cardinals-Red Sox series myself but I'll be rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals this time around as I rooted for the Sox last time ONLY because of the omens of a Kerry presidency.

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