Monday, March 29, 2010

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Comedians Jason Segel and Ed Helms will be starring in Jeff Who Lives At Home.
Jason Segel and Ed Helms are going to be the lead in the stoner comedy Jeff Who Lives At Home by Jay and Mark Duplass. Producing the film with them will be Up in the Air director Jason Reitman (Watch a video of our interview with Reitman here).

The film which is written by the Duplass brothers, follows the day in the life of two brothers. One is a slacker (Segel), and the other is more well adjusted, but slightly overbearing (Helms). The film is set to shoot in Louisiana next month.
Ben Stiller has a new movie out, more of an indie type than his usual mainstream studio releases.
THIS month Ben Stiller, who has appeared in nine movies that have earned more than $100 million in domestic grosses, served as honorary chairman of Film Independent’s Spirit Awards. The incongruity was not lost on Mr. Stiller, who had some fun with it onstage. “I think it says volumes about the organizers of this event that even though I’ve been in over 350 studio movies during the last five years,” he said, “the Spirit Awards were bold enough to say, ‘You, Ben Stiller, epitomize our core values.’ ”

What Mr. Stiller neglected to mention was that his new film, “Greenberg,” happens to be a small-scale production with an auteur pedigree (written and directed by Noah Baumbach) and is as intimate and independent-minded a movie as he has done in years.

“I never thought my path would progress the way it has,” Mr. Stiller said recently in an interview at a Manhattan hotel. The son of the comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, he first made his mark in sketch comedy, on “Saturday Night Live” and his own short-lived but fondly remembered early 1990s Fox series “The Ben Stiller Show” (on which his friend Judd Apatow got his start). He thought of himself more as a director. As for acting, “I just didn’t think I’d get that opportunity,” he said.
Jay Baruchel talks about Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse.
Fine, right. So Rogen and Baruchel are both incredibly busy guys, and "Jay and Seth" has been continually pushed aside as a result. The question remains though... when are we going to see this movie get made?

"I'm not gonna-- I know better than to make any promises that are going to make me or Seth look bad," Baruchel said. Drat. Lesson learned. He offers some encouragement though. "This is something we both very much want to do, which would be the two of us in LA when the world ends, basically. Playing ourselves."
IFC looks at post-Apatow careers of the stars of Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

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