Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Kentucky's David Williams a gambling hypocrite

It appears to be the case according to Jake.
The hot rumor today is that David Williams is set to kill instant racing - despite strong Republican support - because he wants to be seen as a staunch conservative when he runs for governor.


If he’s planning a run for governor, he may not want to choke the life out of the thoroughbred industry.

He may also want to clean up his tracks that lead back to all of the out-of-state casinos he’s recently visited. Especially the ones I have visited to to conduct interviews and review security footage.
Also, from Page One, State Representative Steve Riggs is right on the money. This is no different than a wet-dry vote and most sane voters are in favor of expanded gaming in this state. It's conservative Christians that prefer to force THEIR BELIEFS on the rest of this state. Potential revenue for Kentucky is going to states like Illinois, Indiana, and soon, Ohio.
“Over the last two months I have met with House leaders and many of those we serve with to argue that voters in counties without race tracks should not be able to decide what happens in the seven counties that do have them,” said Rep. Riggs, who has a strong interest in the subject as chairman of the House Local Government Committee. “Many are agreeing with me that this is no different than a wet-dry vote concerning alcohol sales. If Jefferson County voters cannot dictate what happens in other counties, for example, why should they be able to dictate what happens in ours?”
Matt Jones at KSR slammed Daniel Mongiardo, I mean Kim Geveden.
That press release reads as if it was written by the lamest person who thinks they are cute in the state. Here is a little secret folks…I run the largest Kentucky blog on the internet and probably put more hours into following Kentucky basketball than any person that doesnt work at, or play for, the program. And you know what, I WENT TO DUKE. Why? Because it is a good school, even if it is full of the dorkiest, most annoying basketball fans in the world. And you know what else? I HATE THEIR BASKETBALL PROGRAM with a passion that isnt really matched by anything except for my dislike for Jay Leno, Skip Bayless and black olives. And you know what else? IF YOU ASKED ME TO BET FOR DUKE, I WOULD PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE. I hate them that much.

So no, Mongiardo you didnt score any political points…you looked like John Kerry shooting the geese…talking about something you dont know in a way that makes you look smug and ridiculous. I have no dog in the Senate fight and three of the four candidates (besides Paul) have been on our podcast and all seemed likeable. But folks, you are running for Senate, not for President of the UK Alumni Assocation. If going to Duke means you cant cheer for UK, then you come take Kentucky Sports Radio out of my cold, dead hands.
Take that Kim!

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