Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Essential Public Service Announcement

Don't be an idiot driver. Unless it is really important that you drive in the morning, do not attempt to do so. Freezing rain causes black ice. Black ice causes car accidents.

The more you know...

WAVE 3's storm team has an update as of 1:25 AM this morning:
1:25 AM UPDATE...
I just walked out to the parking lot downtown... a sheet of ice. Car covered... some of the heaviest freezing rain is now moving into the metro area... will continue into the early morning hour (5, 6 - 7 AM). Downtown temperature still holding at 27 degrees. Main roads that have been treated are OK (at best) and side streets and sidewalks are crazy slick! Be careful. Georgetown has reported 1.2" of snow with a temperature of 24 degrees. I asked the NWS about changing the WINTER STORM WARNING to an ICE STORM WARNING and even though the primary mode of precipitation that changing headlines at this point would complicate matters. Also pointed out that it's not going to be a long term event...should generally be over early to mid morning Thu.

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