Friday, December 17, 2010

Yarmuth votes against tax cut extension compromise

Congressman John Yarmuth released a statement tonight after voting against the tax cut extension compromise.
Yarmuth Statement on Tax Cut Proposal

“The long-term costs of this bill are far more damaging to our nation than the short-term gains. Borrowing money to give tax cuts to the rich – tax cuts that are more than most families make in a year – is unconscionable. Economics shows this is a dead-end. History proves it would be disastrous. And basic morality dictates that our priorities should focus on making our economy work for everyone – not just the wealthy few.”

Two provisions of the proposal before the House are estimated to cost $114 billion, but would benefit only the wealthiest Americans. Tax cuts for the highest-income earners cost $91 billion over two years while a modification of the estate tax that would create new exemptions for just 6,600 of the wealthiest American families comes at a cost of $23 billion. All the costs of the bill are not paid for in the legislation.

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