Sunday, September 17, 2006

Other news this afternoon...

For those of you on the Cincinnati side of the border, here is some news dealing with CinCW and Time Warner Cable. On the Northern Kentucky side of the border, it will be on Insight Channel 25, the former home of the UPN affiliate after today. WSTR, the home of the WB until after midnight, is switching affiliates to MyNetwork.

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey is starting a book tour. It'll have lots of controversey for sure. He'll be on Oprah this Tuesday.

Republican Congressman Geoff Davis opposes caps on military payday loans.

Nobel laureates encourage the youth to address the issues of poverty and racism.

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd believes that New Hampshire should remain first in the nation.
The Connecticut Democrat has earned respect from New Hampshire party leaders for convincing Connecticut members of the Democratic National Committee to oppose the Nevada plan. But yesterday, Dodd said he will visit Nevada. Nevada can have its process, he said, but New Hamsphire ought to be first.

"I'm going all over the country; I'm not limiting myself," Dodd said after his speech. "You've got to be a national candidate; you can't be a candidate of four states."
I wonder who Florida gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis will endorse for president in 2008. While former North Carolina Senator John Edwards has loaned some staffers to the campaign, the media advisor is Anita Dunn, who also works for Senator Bayh.

Ouch, that'll hurt the pocketbook.

In sports news, the Kentucky Wildcats moved their record to 2-1 after defeating the Ole Miss Rebels.

Former Vice President Al Gore is also releasing another book in the year to come.

Rock legend Eric Clapton is starting on his North American tour.

Indy Star's weekly Bayh watch.

The Louisville Jewish Community Center held their candidate forum today. Due to work, I couldn't make it. I heard that Anne Northup was a no show.

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