Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I've been working on papers due later this week for much of the day. Very time-consuming. This will free up time for blogging and/or campaigning later this week. Speaking of which, that brings me to the subject of campaigning.

So yea, I keep getting asked to help out with campaigns not just in Northern Kentucky but back home in Louisville.

This summer, I had an internship at a law firm back home which was a few days a week. That took a bulk of my time out to help people like John Yarmuth or Amy Shir. True that I made room for the Democratic victory party for Primary Day but that was, sadly, pretty much it.

With the semester starting this past August, my class schedule is one of those weird ones to where I couldn't find the time to help out in campaign offices because of lack of time between classes. I have an exam and two papers this week. All afternoon, I worked on those papers except for a few moments to blog earlier or check facebook or the usual sites. With my work schedule and depleted free time, it's very hard to help out with campaigns.

I'd like to interview a lot of candidates for the blog but with the candidates themselves out campaigning every day for a few hours or long hours, they may not even have the time. That said, I'm gonna try and send a few emails out within the week. I do all my interviews over email because that way, you know that there will not be any misquotes.

I really have not done much of any real political commentary as of late and I'm going to try and get some more of that in blog entries to come.

I am going to schedule my classes better next semester to get some more free time to help out or even get paid to work for the statewide campaigns.

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