Monday, April 23, 2007

Miller-Maze moves into second place

I can finally breathe a bit if it weren't for these dang finals next week. Twenty-nine days until the primary election.

The good news is that my gubernatorial ticket of choice, State Treasurer Jonathan Miller and Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze, are now in second place according to a poll conducted by the Mellman & Associates firm. It's actually a tie with Lunsford-Stumbo.

Here are the numbers:
Henry-True 22%
Miller-Maze 15%
Lunsford-Stumbo 15%
Beshear-Mongiardo 12%
Richards-Brown 8%
Undecided 26%

I can't explain the strong numbers by Henry-True other than the fact that Steve Henry is a former Lt. Governor. Richards' numbers for a Speaker of the House seem awfully low at 8%. He should start giving thought to withdrawing from the race if the numbers stay low since we are looking at spending up to $7 million with a runoff election.

In other political news today, here's a reminder that no Democrat has forgotten what Bruce Lunsford did in 2003.
"The Democrats who vote in the primaries, a lot of those people, are people who have a strong party identification, and those are the people who have indicated that they haven't forgotten what Bruce Lunsford did four years ago," said Democratic state Rep. Rob Wilkey of Scottsville.

Wilkey received a call two weeks ago from a Lunsford polling firm that underscored how Lunsford is trying to jettison that baggage. One question the pollster asked Wilkey was whether he had a favorable or unfavorable view of Lunsford for backing Fletcher.

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