Thursday, January 19, 2012

David Williams: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Kentucky State Senate Dictator David Williams can go fuck himself. How dare he treat Kentucky Democrats in the State Senate with the least amount of respect is beyond me.

Instead of bringing this state forward into the 21st century by helping the senate push for a decent bill on allowing expanded gambling in this state, he would rather fucking force out Kentucky Democrats that actually give a damn about the state and its citizens.

Instead, no, David Williams is a fucking coward. If he had his own fucking way, he would be DICTATOR OF KENTUCKY. Because you know what? He fucking is already. The Kentucky State Senate has it's own motto: WHERE ALL THE BILLS FROM THE HOUSE GO TO DIE. Williams doesn't give a damn about Kentucky and yet all the Senate Republicans keep re-electing him as state dictator of the senate.

So David Williams, I say to you: GO FUCK YOURSELF, YOU FUCKING PRICK!

That's right, Dictator Williams: FUCK YOU!

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