Friday, January 20, 2012

Steve Beshear does it again

A sad day has already gone to a shitty day.

Steve Beshear decided to send a "FUCK YOU" to all of us who voted for him when he decided to sign HB 1 and thus kicking State Senator Kathy Stein out of the Senate. This is not just a loss for the Lexington district she represents (they will be represented by a Western Kentucky Democrat who represents an area closer to Evansville than Lexington) but for the Democratic caucus in the State Senate.

It's already been a shitty day with the death of a friend, and then the news that Etta James died after a battle with cancer and dementia, but this is just the nail in the fucking coffin on Beshear's dwindling reputation amongst Kentucky Democrats.

At least if Jonathan Miller didn't pull out of the race, the only thing we'd be afraid of right now is Tim Tebow being named an honorary Kentucky Colonel. Miller would not have signed that bill. You can trust me on that.

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