Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sundance 2012

Sundance is right around the corner and there are 10 performances to look out for. However, Seth Rogen's wife, Lauren Miller, may be on to a big year in 2012--depending on who buys the distribution rights, of course.
Lauren Miller, For A Good Time Call... (directed by Jamie Travis) – Not only does Lauren Anne Miller (50/50 and Superbad) have a producer and co-writing credit in this Sundance Premieres feature, but this may very well be her breakthrough in addition to her first starring role. Miller stars opposite Ari Graynor (also in Sundance’s Celeste & Jesse) playing college frenemies that move in together. One intrudes on the other’s late night and loud bedroom antics, discovering a dirty little secret that brings the two closer. Miller’s husband is Seth Rogen who co-stars in the film though it’s “her time to shine” say those in the know.
Take a look at the list though.

It's the end of an era for Eastman-Kodak as they have filed for bankruptcy. They didn't jump on the digital train fast enough and now they are going under.

Rabbi Ethan Tucker pens an op-ed on Jack Lew and the Power of Shabbat.

Albert Brooks talks to The Arty Semite, a Forward blog, about how he got the role in Drive.

Meanwhile, some of the folks in Big Blue Nation were really nasty yesterday to sportswriter Jeff Pearlman. I know he said some things that we, as a whole, did not like. But is that a reason to act anti-Semitic and say you would rather read Hitler's book than read his material? I don't think so. Take a look at the email of the day that Pearlman posted yesterday on his website.

On the other hand, he did realize he was wrong in picking on only John Calipari and not other coaches who coached one-and-done players.
The myriad critics of my Kentucky Tweet were right in one regard—it’s not just Calipari, and to single him out was silly. He’s just a guy; a product of a system; a man who is hired to win, win and win at (almost) all costs. So, in that regard, I was off. I wouldn’t want my kid to play for him—or 800 others coaches.
The number one draft pick last year played for Duke. He didn't even play a full season's worth of games, too!

Now some folks argued that Jeff Pearlman is a nobody. He's not a nobody. It's just that he's not Gary Parrish, Jeff Goodman, Andy Katz, or Seth Davis. The regular folks that we know of who follow college basketball for CBS Sports, ESPN, SI, etc. Kentucky fans have probably read his work but they just didn't know it yet at the time they tweeted to him. There's something I do agree with re Pearlman. We don't like the screaming talking heads like Skip Bayless.
The reason you don’t see me screaming on ESPN or Fox or wherever is because I don’t want to scream on ESPN or Fox or wherever. The world doesn’t need another Skip or Stephen A, setting aside texture in the name of volume and airport recognition.

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