Thursday, January 12, 2012

What happened to Pittsburgh?

Things just don’t get better for the Big East Conference. In Big East Conference play as of this morning, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Villanova are a combined 2-11 in conference play. Pittsburgh, who was a #1 seed during last year’s NCAA tournament, suffered their most humiliating loss in nearly 40 years.

You don’t fucking lose at home to Rutgers and not score less than 40 points. It’s not supposed to fucking happen. Jamie Dixon is probably the one person feeling worse than Rick Pitino at the moment.

If your team is shooting a meager 12.5% in the first half, you are not playing good basketball. Your team is playing TERRIBLE basketball. More like shitty basketball. To see a Pittsburgh team struggle all season long in just winning a game is depressing. And they are leaving for the ACC? Oy gevalt. If next year’s Pitt team is anything like this season’s Pitt team, it will be a fucking embarrassment.

Pitt lost to a DePaul team that can’t even find a way to win in coference play. Granted, they lost by a 3 pointer…but still, Pitt found a fucking way to LOSE!

ESPN College Gameday will be in attendance for the Pittsburgh Louisville game on the 21st. That’s not going to be a great day to look forward to if you call yourself a sports fan. It’s astonishing to believe that both of these teams were ranked in the preseason top ten for the Associated Press’s weekly college basketball rankings.

Strap on your seat belt. This is going to be one hell of a ride as we make our way through March. It won’t be pretty for the Big East. It definitely won’t be pretty for Pitt, Louisville, and Villanova.

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