Monday, January 16, 2012

On last night's Golden Globe Awards...

I wrote this on yesterday's Golden Globes awards ceremony...if you wish you call it an awards ceremony as the HFPA picks favorites instead of voting for the BEST PERFORMANCES.

I, umm, shit you not. The fucking Hollywood Foreign Press Association has done it again. Any other year, I would have had no fucking problem with Meryl Streep taking home another award. Not this year. Not with her fellow nominees in the category of drama.

This was to be the year of Viola Davis. Don’t get me wrong as I was very fucking impressed by the performances of Michele Williams and Rooney Mara in their respective films. But take any award by the HFPA with a grain of salt.

The voting base for the HFPA does not overlap with that of the Academy. The guild awards will do a better job of determining who will get what award at the Oscars. Unless a film is not eligible, they do a very fucking awesome job at predicting the award for Best Picture and the other acting awards.

The HFPA got it right for supporting actors in naming Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer. The only one that can really give Octavia a run for the money is Melissa McCarthy but the HFPA did not even consider her. Is that fair? No fucking way.

Ignoring Breaking Bad during it’s best fucking season is when I have a fucking problem. I’ll let it slide with Homeland winning (based on critical acclaim and word of mouth) even though the series is on a premium channel, which deserve their own awards for fucking crying out loud!

Everyone always seems to have a problem when someone gets snubbed and someone gets nominated when they don’t even fucking deserve it. The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards got it right. It’s a better precursor to the Oscars than the fucking Golden Globes.

It’s a shame that the Golden Globes air on NBC. Outside of pro football, it’s the highest ratings that they get all fucking year. That’s what happens when you give up on television and replace it with shit like Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea!

Fourth place until the fucking end of time…whether that is December 21st or not!

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