Sunday, May 21, 2006

KAPT Update and more

Due to my busy weekend, I failed in posting this the other day. It's an update on the KAPT situation and it comes from State Treasurer Jonathan Miller.
Dear KAPT Families:

I have received a number of emails from concerned KAPT families regarding a letter they received from KHEAA Chair Jim Jackson, in which he raised the possibility that there would be an appeal of the Franklin Circuit Court's decision last month.

Well, the good news is that the deadline for appealing the decision passed a few days ago, without any appeal. According to the office of Attorney General Greg Stumbo, who brought the suit to protect KAPT families, this means that the decision is FINAL. It is now a matter of Kentucky law that last year’s $13.7 million raid on the KAPT program was unconstitutional, and according to Judge Crittenden, "all current KAPT contract purchasers have a vested property right in the payment of future tuition and the Commonwealth, through KAPT, has an obligation to see that it is paid."

Again, I ask for your help in spreading the good news to the thousands of KAPT families who are not on our email list. Please contact those KAPT families you know, and again urge your elected representatives and your local media to spread the word. Contact information can be found at The Compassionate Community under the heading "Contact Decisionmakers."
An interesting article connecting Hollywood with the Promised Land. Mark Warner spoke at Wake Forest.

A general consensus among many: The Democrats need a message. This explains why I am sticking to campaign contributions for the time being (when I have the finances to do that...).
Luallen did not mention her potential gubernatorial candidacy.

Other Democrats considering running for governor include former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, former Gov. Brereton Jones, central Kentucky Congressman Ben Chandler, state Treasurer Jonathan Miller, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson and Louisville businessmen Charlie Owen and Bruce Lunsford.
My condolences to the family of Daniel Wultz. He died in Israel as a result of a suicide bombing attack. Congreesswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz gave a speech in his memory on the House floor.

In lighter news, the Red Sox beat Philly on Friday 5-3. Lowell, Varitek, and Ortiz went yard. Clement got the win, Papelbon his 15th save. On Saturday, Josh Beckett helped himself as he homered and picked up the win as the Sox won 8-4. Alex Gonzalez also hit a homer.

Wow, look what that cheater had to say about what people thought of him.
"I hate that guy," Snyder said when asked if he would give the ball to Bonds, before stadium officials announced that the 19-year-old college student had departed the game early.

At a news conference after the game, Bonds said he was mystified by such sentiments. "I don't have any idea why anyone would express any hatred toward any other person that you don't know," he said.
[Insert comic pause] Can I answer that? The guy is a frickin' cheater. He did steroids and is under investigation for perjury. It has nothing to do with race--and that's why I'll be happy the day that Albert Pujols hits #74 of the season and his 800th career home run eventually.

Give students lessons about war, says Ken Bode.

Congrats to Jack Conway on his recent marriage.

Patrick O’Bryant, a Bradley sophomore, has signed with an agent, thus ending his college basketball career, The 7 footer is likely a lottery pick in this summer's NBA Draft.

Karl Rove is going to speak in New Hampshire. How do candidates up there feel about it? Well, here's a press release from Peter Sullivan.
"I find it astonishing that the leaders of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee have invited Karl Rove to speak at a major fundraiser. This is an affront to a basic sense of decency", said Sullivan.

"Karl Rove has shown a disturbing willingness to place partisanship ahead of national security. His willingness to expose an American intelligence agent in retalliation for her husband's statements makes it clear that Mr. Rove has no place in the halls of government. He is a embarassment to this country, and it is absolutely shameful that he is being honored by New Hampshire political insiders.

"I am calling on Jeb Bradley to boycott the event with Karl Rove. By attending this dinner, Jeb would give his endorsement to Rove's appaling actions. I hope that he will do the right thing and refuse to give legitimacy to this national disgrace."
Sen. Barack Obama has a new book due out in the fall. It is called The Audacity of Hope.

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