Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Well, blogging will be at night this summer

Except for when I have days off, blogging will be at night over the summer on both blogs.

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey asks for your support of current Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.

What's new with folk rocker Paul Simon? He will be promoting his new album next week on SNL. I expect him to sing his new protest song, "Wartime Prayers."

The nominee for the CIA Director position will have a battle for his confirmation. He is involved with the eavesdropping scandal.

Former Senator and Vice President Al Gore is in the news again. It's the once-a-month rumor that he's running for president. If Al does run, that puts me in a tough position. I like Al Gore and I live Evan Bayh.
In 2008, that could mean a once-unimaginable battle for Democrats' nomination between Bill Clinton's former vice president and his wife, Hillary Clinton. To some pro-Gore Democrats, worried about Mrs. Clinton's electability, that is part of the appeal.

"I appreciate that buzz, but he's not running for president," insists Michael Feldman, a former vice presidential adviser who is helping promote the film and Mr. Gore's new book on which it is based. "He has been spending a considerable amount of time trying to educate people about the issue of global warming," and won't talk about politics "right now," Mr. Feldman says.

The demurrals aren't persuasive to some Democrats, including former Clinton-Gore White House insiders. "I do know that he's thinking about it. I know for a fact," a former adviser says. "He's talked to people about the pros and cons."

Among those said to be pushing Mr. Gore are billionaire venture capitalist and high-tech entrepreneur John Doerr and Laurie David, a global-warming activist and producer of the film, and wife of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David. "When people see this movie, I know they're going to see the real Al Gore, and they're going to demand that he run," Ms. David says. But, she adds, he changes the subject whenever it comes up, and had to be talked into making the movie when she pitched it.
Article on Peter Sullivan. "Second article on Peter Sullivan.

Writers fuel Conan O'Brien's comedy.

Bayh is one of many Democrats urging foreign policy over retribution. C-SPAN will cover his commencement address at DePauw.

The BatCats are in the top ten for the first time in program history.

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