Sunday, October 28, 2007

MItch McConnell is vulnerable

The following is from a diary posted on Kos:
A new Herald-Leader/Action News 36 Election Poll is out and McConnell continues to slip. Among the worst news for McConnell was that 46 percent of respondents disapproved of his performance compared to 45 percent who said they like what he’s done — the first time an independent media poll has shown the senator with a higher percentage of disapproval.

McConnell’s numbers are slipping and it’s because of national security and national defense, Lt. Col. Andrew Horne is the best candidate to counter the Republican’s arguments on the war in Iraq. Who else can stand with our Democratic Presidential candidates on the issues other than Lt. Col. Andrew Horne?

This Poll is very encouraging for Lt. Col. Horne; a person who has run only one race is now within 11% of McConnell. This shows that the people of Kentucky are ready for change. Also encouraging is Horne’s low disapproval rating of only 9% compared to a 46% disapproval for McConnell’s. In fact, Horne has the lowest disapproval of any candidate mentioned in the poll this shows Horne is in great position to Ditch Mitch.

This election is a huge, tough, hard fight. This fight is for people like Lt. Col. Andrew Horne with a national profile, people like Andrew who give the Democratic response to President Bush, people like Andrew who have been to Iraq and have seen the situation on the ground.

We need a new face in Kentucky politics one without baggage, not the career politicians who runs for office every year. We need a unifying candidate for all Democrats across the state. We need Lt. Col. Andrew Horne.
It should be noted that while I admire and respect Col. Horne, I have not endorsed anyone in the 2008 Senate race.

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