Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Talkin' Illinois Politics...

Since I plan to move to Chicago sometime late next year, I figure I should start looking at some of the campaigns up there...no, I am not renaming the blog anytime soon.

This is despicable. How do you expect to get elected to Congress after saying Israel should negotiate with Hamas? That's not a person I want in Congress. Doesn't anyone remember the rule: You don't negotiate with terrorists. It's an unwritten rule but it's still a rule.
At a Daily Kos meeting last Thursday, Seals told audience members that Israel should negotiate with Hamas (reminding you that Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization that even Fatah wants nothing to do with because of all the damage they're doing to Palestinians).
I'm surprised that someone like Jeffrey Schoenberg would support Dan Seals after such comments were made.
State Sen. Jeffrey Schoenberg, a prominent Illinois Democrat and Jewish leader, is not thrilled with the development.

"I've known Jay Footlik for a number of years. He did a fine job as the Jewish liaison in the Clinton White House, but Dan Seals has clearly demonstrated an ability to make a strong case for his legislative agenda, including his unshakable support for the state of Israel."
Seals lost a campaign in 2006 and he had a campaign message against the likes of Bush and Hastert. Clearly, it did not play well in Illinois' 10th congressional district or he would have been elected and not lost by 7% of the vote.

Under President Bill Clinton, Jay Footlik became one of the architects of Clinton's policy towards the Middle East. By far, it's the closet thing we have had to a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians. Footlik seeks a firm deadline for withdrawing from Iraq. He believes in universal healthcare. He would like to see an America free from dependence on foreign oil.

Mark Kirk is the type of incumbent congressman who will use his money to turn Dan Seals into someone with the reputation of Cynthia McKinney--and believe me, their policy towards the Middle East are very similar. This proves to show even more that Dan Seals cannot win in IL-10.

Congressional campaign rematches almost always turn out the same except that things are different when it's a presidential election year. After a while the rematches get old. We have the ninth district in Indiana as a prime example...I'm pretty sure it's the 9th that has featured a match-up between Baron Hill and Mike Sodrel for the past few campaigns.

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