Monday, February 05, 2007

Miller-Maze name campaign team

Just saw this over at Crowley's blog.
The campaign of Jonathan Miller and Irv Maze today announced that its headquarters is completely operational with a full team of professionals in place.[...]

"Since Jonathan Miller and Irv Maze entered the race on December 15, the campaign has assembled remarkable talent to direct our political and field operation, our communications team and our fundraising strategies. These professionals join media and polling experts who have worked with Jonathan Miller for many years," said Campaign Manager Wiley Pearson. "We have moved quickly to bring together leaders in their respective disciplines in order to run an aggressive and winning campaign."

Pearson said the campaign’s team includes:

David Dixon, Dixon Davis Media Group: In 2006 David Dixon and DDMG elected Governors Martin O'Malley in Maryland and Kathleen Sebelius in Kansas, Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and in nearby southern Indiana DDMG defeated Republican incumbent John Hostettler by electing Sheriff Brad Ellsworth to Congress. In addition, DDMG elected Jim Cooper to Congress in Tennessee's 5th District and Bill Purcell Mayor of Nashville. In Kentucky, in addition to working with Jonathan Miller as Treasurer, DDMG produced winning media for Lexington Council Chairman Jim Gray and for John Yarmuth's upset win over Anne Northup on behalf of the DCCC.

Michael Bloomfield, The Mellman Group: Michael Bloomfield and The Mellman Group have a long record of success in Kentucky and have been particularly successful in picking up Republican held seats in the so called Red States. Over the last two cycles Bloomfield has helped Brian Schweitzer become the first Democrat to be elected Governor in Montana in 20 years, helped John Barrow beat a Republican Congressmen in Georgia, helped the DCCC IE pick up six other Republican House seats, and as pollster and strategist for the North Carolina House Caucus helped Democrats take and hold control of the State House. The firm also helped Governors Jim Doyle and Jennifer Granholm win competitive re-elections last year. Bloomfield and The Mellman Group bring a long record of success in Kentucky, working for Wallace Wilkinson, Scotty Baesler, Ben Chandler, and Kentucky House Democrats,
as well as Jonathan Miller.

Erik Greathouse, In It To Win It Consulting: Erik Greathouse has been designing, building and managing winning campaigns for over 10 years. In 2006 working on behalf of the Democratic Governors Association, Greathouse led fundraising teams on behalf three gubernatorial campaigns, Ted Strickland of Ohio, Mike Beebe of Arkansas, and incumbent Governor John Baldacci of Maine. Greathouse also was part of the consulting team of Claire McCaskill for Senate in Missouri.

Russ Salsman, Political and Field Director, Miller-Maze: Louisville resident Russ Salsman has been active in Democratic politics for more than 15 years. He helped lead former Governor Brereton Jones to victory in 1991 and served as the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Well known for his grassroots alliances, Salsman has been involved in a number of legislative races across Kentucky over the years. He also served as Chief of Staff to former Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk Tony Miller.

Carol Andrews, Communications Director, Miller-Maze: Most recently the communications director for the U.S. Senate campaign of Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee, Andrews has produced earned media strategies for political, non-profit, military and corporate concerns across the nation. She served as press secretary to Governor Christine O. Gregoire of Washington State and directed earned media efforts in Tennessee for the presidential campaign of General Wes Clark. She helped elect Congressman Lincoln Davis in Tennessee's 4th District and Congressman Charlie Melancon in Louisiana's 3rd District. As communications director for the Tennessee State Employees Association, Andrews led successful efforts against privatization of prisons and other essential services in Tennessee and across the nation.

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