Monday, February 12, 2007

Miller unveils energy, environment, and health care plans

The campaign has sent out the following press release.
Calls for Real Change in Alternative Energy Production; Mountaintop Removal Mining; Energy Efficiency and Biotechnology
FRANKFORT – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Miller and running mate Irv Maze today unveiled the campaign’s fourth major policy initiative in as many weeks with their plan to empower Kentucky as a world leader in energy security, environmental protection and health care, bringing good jobs and real progress to the Commonwealth as part of the bargain. “We can do so by use our state’s greatest assets – natural beauty, resources and brainpower -- to enable Kentucky to become a world power,” Miller said.

Today, the candidates launched a discussion based on using our natural resources, innovation and technology to enable Kentucky to help the nation gain energy independence from the Middle East, while protecting the Commonwealth’s environment, boosting economic development, and finding ways to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Their proposals include:

*Establishing Kentucky as the clean energy capital of the world through the development of zero-emissions clean coal and bio-fuel technologies to harness energy from Kentucky agriculture and natural resources;
*Reforming the practice of mountaintop removal mining to protect Kentucky’s rivers and streams and preserve natural habitats for hunting, fishing and hiking;
*Launching a statewide program promoting energy efficiency and conservation through government initiatives and partnerships with the private sector and faith-based institutions; and
*Using Kentucky biotechnology and e-health initiatives for health care solutions.

“Every community in Kentucky can be a player in this effort,” Miller said. “From our sportsmen and women to coal miners to health care providers to entrepreneurs to farmers to technology companies – everyone can play a vital role and everyone has something to gain. That is why we are calling on people across the state to share their ideas with us as we travel Kentucky working on solutions for real change.”

Miller and Maze will travel across Kentucky meeting with experts and people in our communities to develop more detailed plans. Citizens are encouraged to share their ideas via email by logging onto the campaign Web site at and clicking the “Real Change” button.

Miller believes it is our moral responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. A former deputy chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Energy, Miller worked extensively on renewable energies to help America become more energy independent while protecting our natural environment.

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