Thursday, May 10, 2007

Don't worry, I'm fine

I'm doing just fine despite the news the other day. I did managed to see a Jack Conway advertisement on ESPN in Northern Kentucky so it's good to see Conway outreaching to voters outside of Louisville.

It's pretty much summer and the light blogging is due to that fact and I am currently enrolled in a Digital Cinema production class and I would expect that next week will be a week long hiatus from the blog after Monday. I'm getting back to work on a screenplay I started writing last May but because of the academic school year, I stopped working on it, and now I am getting back to it.

As far as the French go, this appears to be some welcome relief of news.
Nicolas Sarkozy, "by far the most pro-Israeli French presidential figure Israel could have hoped for" according to one political analyst, won the runoff election for the presidency. He will take over his new post May 16.

With three quarters of votes counted Sunday night, Sarkozy, the UMP candidate, garnered some 53 percent of the vote Sunday against Socialist candidate Segolene Royal, who won 47 percent. In numbers not seen since 1974, 85 percent of French voters turned out, following a hard-fought campaign pitting the conservative Sarkozy against the liberal Royal, who conceded defeat soon after the polls closed.

Many French Jews were seen as backing Sarkozy, known as an American-style law-and-order politician, for his hard line against Muslim unrest in France, including anti-Semitic attacks. Royal drew fire from the community for meeting with Hezbollah lawmakers in Beirut during a Mideast tour in December.

Political expert Frederic Encel called Sarkozy “by far the most pro-Israeli French presidential figure Israel could have hoped for." Encel said Sarkozy’s campaign speeches, political program and advisers will mean a more balanced approach on the Middle East, although the Israeli Foreign Ministry has said that France has made major changes in that approach in the past two years.
Here's more on Frances' new president.

This broke the other day.
World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman has resigned. His resignation came Monday at a steering committee meeting of the organization he has led for nearly 30 years.

The resignation caps weeks of turmoil within the organization after the firing of Israel Singer, a longtime senior official. WJC affiliates in Europe, Latin America and Israel had expressed dismay over the way he was fired. Representatives of those groups flew to New York for Monday's meeting. The resignation comes two years before Bronfman had intended to step down and just days after he put out a public statement saying he would not resign.
King Herod's tomb has been discovered.

Why is this a debate at all? Every JCC and synagogue I go to have both the American flag and the Israeli flag hanging up.

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